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Scope of Policy 

This policy statement applies to N.Y. HIEW HOLDINGS SDN BHD (N.Y HIEW) and all of its subsidiaries including our joint ventures and companies in which we have management control. We expect all our third-party suppliers of palm oil products to adhere to our sustainability policy commitments for their operation. 

Commitment Statement 

N.Y. HIEW strives to be a leading producer of crude palm oil by adopting and implementing best practices in terms of social, environmental, ethical and economic impact. We will achieve this through our commitment to sustainable development of our operations with the goal of certification of sustainable palm oil. As an aspiring Roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) member, N.Y. HIEW will adopt the Principles & Criteria set out by the RSPO and Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO). N.Y Hiew management will take a coordinated approach with our ground level staff to pursue sustainable business operations as we work towards certification. Our management will make a committed effort towards continuous improvement and transparency in our operations and towards sustainable palm oil production as guided by the following policies: 

No Deforestation, Environmental Management, Care and Protection 

N.Y. HIEW has committed to No Deforestation, as we work towards sustainable plantation practices, including but not limited to the identification, protection and maintenance of High Conservation Value in its estates. N.Y. HIEW fully understands that those areas classified as High Carbon Stock must be protected and will immediately endeavor to halt all development of those areas under our management.


We are committed to ensuring that there will be no new planting on peatland regardless of depth, in addition to implementing Best Management Practices in existing plantations with peat areas. Plans will be developed with experts for the appropriate management of peat areas including rehabilitation of areas identified as unsuitable for oil palm replanting.


We shall strictly implement a Zero Burning Policy in relation to all new planting, replanting or any other developments and improvements to our land. We will ensure that effective fire prevention and firefighting management practices are in place. 

N.Y. HIEW will work progressively towards reducing and minimising Green House Gas emissions from our plantations and mills. We are also committed to eliminating the use of Parquet and Pesticides that are categorized as World Organization Class 1A or 1B, in addition to adopting an Integrated Pest Management Plan as we work towards reducing the usage of chemical pesticides; 

Universal Declaration of Human Rights 
N.Y. HIEW recognises that we have a responsibility to respect and support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by th United Nations, incuding prohibiting retaliation against the Human Right Defenders (“HRD”) in accordance to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and as articulated in the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.


Respect and Recognise the Rights of All Employees 
N.Y. HIEW respects, recognises and upholds all workers’ rights in accordance with local and national laws and the International Labor Organisation’s core conventions including and in relation to contract, temporary and migrant workers. We understand and will continue to uphold our responsibility to provide a harmonious, safe and healthy work environment and culture. The following criteria are guidelines to achieving this goal: 

  1. No forced or trafficked labour 
    N.Y. HIEW is eliminating any form of forced or trafficked labour as per the guidelines provided in International Labour Organization on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. This will include workers’ freedom of movement after work hours within the parameters of their work permits;

  2. No Child Labour 
    N.Y. HIEW will ban any form of child labour in accordance with the International Labour Organization on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. Our company is committed to ensuring that all children of our employees, who are residing with their parents on plantation or mill grounds, will be provided access to education;

  3. Employment Contracts 
    N.Y. HIEW management will mandate and ensure that all employees are given in writing, in a language that they understand, a contract outlining their rights as well as their responsibilities as N.Y Hiew employees.  This will include but will not be limited to: work responsibilities and role; rate of pay; working hours; leave and any other benefits of employment;

  4. Equal Employment Opportunities 
    N.Y. HIEW provides equal employment opportunity for all applicants and employees including and in relation to hiring and discharge, promotion, compensation, facilities or privileges of employment. Our company does not unlawfully discriminate on any the basis, including but not limited to age, disability, gender reassignment, pregnancy maternity, race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex,marital status, status with regard to public assistance, sexual orientation, family care leave status, or veteran status;

  5. Reproductive & Lactation Rights
    N.Y. HIEW is committed to providing a safe working environment with consideration and facilities to accommodate the needs of pregnant and nursing women. Our company aims to enable pregnant women and nursing mothers to maintain their health without bringing risk to both mother and child. New mothers will be encouraged to breastfeed new born babies up to nine months before resuming hazardous tasks;

  6. Freedom of Association                                                                                                                                                                          N.Y. HIEW supports freedom of association and collective bargaining, as part of our commitment and support of fair and equitable treatment of workplace workers. We understand and respect the legal rights of our employees to join workers’organisations, including labor organisations and/or trade unions.  We believe that the interests of our Company and employees are best served through a collaborative work environment with direct lines of communication between employees and management. We have always encouraged an open and productive dialogue between employees and management in order to create a positive and happy work environment;

  7. Harassment and Violence 
    N.Y. HIEW is committed to providing a safe working environment that is free from bullying and harassment. We will not tolerate any form of harassment or bullying in the workplace either as a management style or between colleagues and will take disciplinary action against any employee who is proven to have bullied or harassed others in the workplace. Criminal contraventions including but not limited to domestic violence will not be tolerated and will be referred to the police for investigation and action.  We are serious about protecting our employees’ welfare and safety. Employees who are sexually harassed are encouraged to discuss the situation with their supervisor or should they feel more comfortable, with a female officer nominated by the firm; and

  8. Whistle Blowing , Grievances & Complaints
    In keeping with our commitment to a workplace culture of openness and responsibility within our operations, we welcome the reporting of genuine and serious grievances or alleged breaches of company policy. We shall provide a confidential means for all personnel to report all unethical or illegal activities, should they wish to do so. In line with the Whistle Blowing Policy, no employee shall suffer as a consequence for notifying or providing information against such breaches. We will also promise to address all complaints and grievances against the company, its employees or conduct of any of its charge in a fair and transparent manner. 

Integrity and Code of Ethics 
N.Y. HIEW is committed to conducting business with integrity, honesty and ethically. This is a cornerstone of our reputation and success as a business and we will continue to maintain this high standard of conduct in our day to day operations and management.


Occupational Safety and Health 
Our Health Policy Statement is to comply with the Occupational Safety & Health Act 1994 regulations. Our company will improve and continuously maintain positive and sustainable safety and health culture. 

Respect Land Tenure Rights 
We respect legal land tenure rights and recognise the duties and responsibilities related to the tenure rights and compliance with national obligations.  We have zero tolerance for Land Grabbing.

Respect the Right of Indigenous and Local Communities 
N.Y. HIEW  respects, upholds and recognizes the rights of indigenous and local community to give or withhold their Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) to operate or develop  land for which they hold legal, communal or customary right.

Our management hopes to put in place a traceable palm oil supply chain. We will do this by working with all third party Fresh Fruit Bundle suppliers to further improve and enhance our traceability mechanism;

Continuous Stakeholder Engagement 
N.Y. HIEW values constructive ideas and recommendations from our partners and all stakeholders.  We believe in a coordinated & cooperative effort from all vested parties in order to achieve the objectives of the listed commitments;

Compliance with Policy 
N.Y. HIEW (HOLDINGS) SDN BHD takes the commitments in this policy seriously and will continuously engage with our suppliers and stakeholders to ensure strict compliance with the policy as outlined.

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