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N.Y. Hiew (Holdings) SDN BHD was founded by Datuk Hiew Nyuk Yin in 1975. The company began as a producer of cocoa and was later fully converted to oil palm by 2004. Our company has a total acreage of 2,130 hectares planted with oil palm.  Tingkayu Palm Oil Mill was established in 2007 and Pinangah Palm Oil Mill was later added in 2011.

The mills are currently operating with a combined processing capacity of seventy five tons of fresh fruit bunches (FFB) per hour. In addition to milling FFB from our own plantations, FFB are also sourced from other producers in neighbouring areas of Tawau and Kunak on the East coast of Sabah.

The main products of our palm oil mills are crude palm oil and palm kernel. At Tingkayu Palm Oil Mill, we also produce palm long fibre from empty fruit bunches, which can be used in various industrial applications. The processed long fibre is then exported to China for further treatment. 

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